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Alberta Ballet - Vancouver, Canada

Who Cares, George Balanchine 2007
Chiaroscuro, Lynne Taylor Corbett 2005

Alvin Ailey - New York, NY

After the Rain, Christopher Wheeldon 2014

American Ballet Theatre - New York, NY

Whipped Cream, Alexei Ratmansky 2017
Daphnis et Chloë, Benjamin Millipied 2016
The Firebird, Alexei Ratmansky 2012
Piece D'Occasion-Triptych, Marcelo Gomes 2012
Seven Sonatas, Alexei Ratmansky 2009
Sleeping Beauty Additional Costumes, Kevin Mckenzie 2008
Kaleidoscope, Peter Quanz 2005

American Ballet Theatre II (ABTII) - New York, NY

Kabalevsky Concerto for Strings, Marcelo Gomes 2017
Ballo Per Sei, Edwaard Liang 2010
Pavlovsk, Richard Van Fleteren 2010

American Repertory Ballet - Princeton, NJ

a decisive mark on the whole, Diane Coburn Bruning 1998

Atlanta Ballet - Atlanta, GA

Seven Sonatas, Alexei Ratmansky 2014
Passages Pax de deux, Diane Coburn Bruning 2006
Pastoral Dances, David Allen 2005

Australian Ballet - Sydney, Australia

Polyphonia, Christopher Wheeldon 2007
After the Rain, Christopher Wheeldon 2007

Ballet Arizona - Phoenix, AZ.

Polyphonia, Christopher Wheeldon 2009

Ballet Builders - New York, NY

Blue Bulb Sweep, Ryan Kelly 2002

Ballet Florida - West Palm Beach, FL

Chiaroscuro, Lynne Taylor-Corbett 2005

BalletNext - New York, NY

BachGround, Mauro Bigonzetti 2012
Entwined, Margo Sappington 2012

Ballet New York (Formerly Dance Galaxy), Joyce Theater - New York, NY

Manny's Mission, Lisa DeRibere 2007
Orange, Stanton Welch 2006
Now and Again, Jodie Gates 2005

Ballet West - Salt Lake City, UT

Red Angels, Ulysses Dove 2008
Ancient Airs and Dances, Richard Tanner 2005

BalletMet - Columbus, Ohio

Carousel, A DANCE, Christopher Wheeldon 2016
Blue, Stanton Welch 2007
Orange, Stanton Welch 2005
Firebird, Stanton Welch 2005
Don Quixote, Stanton Welch 2003

Barak Ballet - Santa Monica, California

E/Space, Melissa Barak 2017

Bolshoi Theatre Ballet - Moscow, Russia

Dream of Dream, Jorma Elo 2012
Glinka Pas de Trois, George Balanchine 2010

Boston Ballet - Boston, Massachusetts

Polyphonia, Christopher Wheeldon 2007

Chamber Dance Project at the Kaye Playhouse - New York, NY

All You Have, Adam Hougland 2003

Chamber Dance Project at the Marymount Theater - New York, NY

Ode, Diane Coburn Bruning 2002
Kisses, Stanton Welch 2001
Passages, Diane Coburn Bruning 2001
Suspended, Diane Coburn Bruning 2000

Charlotte Ballet - Charlotte, NC

The Nutcracker, Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux 2016

Dallas Performing Arts Center: Margot and Bill Winspear Opera house - Dallas, TX

Tales of Offenbach, Christopher Wheeldon 2009

Dance Galaxy at the Joyce Theater - New York, NY

Orange, Stanton Welch 2001

Dayton Contemporary Dance Company - Dayton, OH

Brahms/Waltz', Lynne Taylor-Corbett 1985

Den Norske Opera and Ballet - Oslo, Norway

Theme and Variations, Balanchine 2016
Christening Suite, Christopher Wheeldon 2008
Polyphonia, Christopher Wheeldon 2006

Eifman Ballet at City Center - New York, NY

Cassandra, Nikita Dmitrievsky 2007

Finnish National Opera - Helsinki, Finland

Double Evil, Jorma Elo 2012

Houston Ballet - Houston, Texas

Allegro Brillant, George Balanchine 2015
Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra, Stanton Welch 2014
Tapestry, Stanton Welch 2012
One/end/One, Jorma Elo 2011
Carousel (A Dance), Christopher Wheeldon 2009
Falling, Stanton Welch 2008
The Core, Stanton Welch 2008
Tutu, Stanton Welch 2007
Brigade, Stanton Welch 2007
Blue, Stanton Welch 2006
Orange, Stanton Welch 2006

Joffrey Ballet - New York, NY

Liturgy, Christopher Wheeldon 2015
After the Rain, Christopher Wheeldon 2009
Carousel (a Dance), Christopher Wheeldon 2008
Runaway Train, Christopher d’Amboise 1991

Julliard Centennial Commission - New York, NY

Confines, Alan Hineline 2006

Kansas City Ballet - Kansas City, Missouri

Swan Lake additions, Devon Carney 2016
The Nutcracker, Devon Carney 2015
Mercury, Lynne Taylor Corbet 2012
Tom Sawyer, William Whitener 2011

Kings of Dance - Moscow, Russia/New York, NY

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Kirov Ballet - St. Petersburg, Russia

Concerto DSCH, Alexei Ratmansky 2013
Aria Suspended, Peter Quanz 2007

Koninklijk Ballet van Vlaanderen - Brussels, Belgium

After the Rain, Christopher Wheeldon 2012
Symphony in Three Movements, Chris d’Amboise 2005
Violin Concerto No.1, Christopher d’Amboise 2005
Circle of Fifths, Christopher d’Amboise 2004
Fearful Symmetries, Christopher d'Amboise 2000

La Scala - Milano, Italy

Concerto DSCH, Alexei Ratmansky 2012
Polyphonia, Christopher Wheeldon 2005

Miami City Ballet - Miami, Fl

Liturgy, Christopher Wheeldon 2008

Morphoses - New York, NY

Tales of Offenbach, Christopher Wheeldon 2009
Morphoses, Christopher Wheeldon 2007
Polyphonia, Christopher Wheeldon 2007
After The Rain, Christopher Wheeldon 2007
Dance of the Hours, Christopher Wheeldon 2007
There Where She Loves, Christopher Wheeldon 2007

Nashville Ballet - Nashville, TN

Appalachian Spring, Paul Vasterling 2017
Layla and the Majnun, Paul Vasterling 2016
Reunions, David Allen 2005

National Ballet of Canada - Toronto, Canada

Carousel, A Dance, Christopher Wheeldon 2015
Pur ti Miro, Jorma Elo 2010
Don Quixote, Balanchine 2007
Polyphonia, Christopher Wheeldon 2005

National Opera and Ballet - Sofia, Bulgaria

La Source, Balanchine 2012
Divertimento Brilliante, George Balanchine 2011

New York City Ballet - New York, NY

Soirèe Musicale, Christopher Wheeldon 2013
Concerto DSCH, Alexei Ratmansky 2008
Rococo Variations, Christopher Wheeldon 2008
Alborada del Gracioso, Peter Martins 2007
Etoile Polaire, Eliot Feld 2007
Middle Duet, Alexei Ratmansky 2007
Tribute, Christopher d'Amboise 2007
Two Birds with the Wings of One, J. P. Bonnefoux 2006
Evenfall, Christopher Wheeldon 2006
Slice to Sharp, Jorma Elo 2006
After the Rain, Christopher Wheeldon 2005
Double Aria, Benjamin Millepied 2005
An American in Paris, Christopher Wheeldon 2005
Eros Piano, Peter Martins 2004
Shambards, Christopher Wheeldon 2004
Viva Verdi, Peter Martins 2003
Octet, Peter Martins 2003
Todo Buenos Aires, Peter Martins 2003
Liturgy, Christopher Wheeldon 2003
Carousel (a Dance), Christopher Wheeldon 2002
In the Mi(d)st, Miriam Mahdaviani 2002
Twilight Courant, Stephen Baynes 2002
Morphoses, Christopher Wheeldon 2002
If By Chance, Melissa Barak 2002
Quartet for Strings, Peter Martins 2001
Telemann Overture Suite in E, Melissa Barak 2001
Polyphonia, Christopher Wheeldon 2001
Slonimsky’s Earbox, Peter Martins 2000
Appalachia Waltz, Miriam Mahdaviani 2000
Triptych, Christopher D’Amboise 2000
Walton Cello Concerto, Peter Martins 1999
Scenes de Ballet, Christopher Wheeldon 1999
River of Light, Peter Martins 1998
Circle of Fifths, Christopher d’Amboise 1997
Urban Dances, Miriam Mahdaviani 1997
Brandenburg, Jerome Robbins 1997
Schoenberg/Wuorinen Variations, Richard Tanner 1996
Twilight, Ulysses Dove 1996
Operetta Affezionata, Richard Tanner 1995
Adams Violin Concerto, Peter Martins 1995
Steel and Rain, Trey McIntyre 1994
X-Ray, Peter Martins 1994
Untitled, Peter Martins 1994
The New Blondes, John Alleyne 1994
Episodes and Sarcasms, Richard Tanner 1994
Schubert Sonata, Richard Tanner 1994
Mozart Piano Concerto, Peter Martins 1994
Pastoral Dances, David Allen 1994
Red Angels, Ulysses Dove 1994
In The Blue, Anna Laerkesen 1994
Chiaroscuro, Lynne Taylor-Corbett 1994
Correlazione, Miriam Mahdaviani 1994
Viola Alone.....(with one exception), Kevin O’Day 1994
Glinka Pas de Trois, George Balanchine 1993
Minkus Pas de Trois, George Balanchine 1993
Sylvia Pas de Deux, George Balanchine 1993
Haieff Divertimento, George Balanchine 1993
Zenobia pas de Deux, George Balanchine 1993
I Have My Own Room, Robert LaFosse 1992
Refractions, Alexandre Proia 1992
Two's Company, Toni Pimble 1992
Images, Miriam Mahdaviani 1992
Flötezart, Bart Cook 1992
Bet Ann's Dance, John Alleyne 1992
In My Own Room, Robert LaFosse 1992
Jeu de Cartes, Peter Martins 1992
Reunions, David Allen 1992
Mercury, Lynne Taylor-Corbett 1992
Ancient Airs and Dances, Richard Tanner 1992
Into the Hopper, Bart Cook 1988

Off Center Ballet - New York, NY

Seems Like Old Times, Christopher D’Amboise 1990
Information Gladly Given, Kate Foley 1990
Square Route, Christopher D’Amboise 1990

Oregon Ballet Theatre - Portland, OR

There Where She Loved, Christopher Wheeldon 2005

Pacific Northwest Ballet - Seattle, Washington

Tide Harmonic, Christopher Wheeldon 2013
Le Baiser de la Fee, Balanchine 2011
Concerto DSCH, Alexei Ratmansky 2011
Carousel (A Dance), Christopher Wheeldon 2009
After the Rain, Christopher Wheeldon 2008
Ancient Airs and Dances, Richard Tanner 2007
Polyphonia, Christopher Wheeldon 2006
Slaughter on Tenth Avenue, George Balanchine 2006
Red Angels, Ulysses Dove 2006
Mercury, Lynne Taylor-Corbett 2005

Paris Opera Ballet - Paris, France

Seven Sonatas, Alexei Ratmansky 2016
Polyphonia, Christopher Wheeldon 2015
Daphnis et Chloë, Benjamin Millepied 2014

Pennsylvania Ballet - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Polyphonia, Christopher Wheeldon 2015
Liturgy, Christopher Wheeldon 2014
After The Rain, Christopher Wheeldon 2013
Jupiter Symphony, Peter Quanz 2008
Rhapsody Concerto, Ib Andersen 1994
Bounding Line, Christopher d’Amboise 1992
The Planets, Christopher d’Amboise 1992
Dumbarton Oaks, Christopher d’Amboise 1991
The Golden Mean, Christopher d’Amboise 1991

Reflections - Moscow, Russia

Glinka pas de trois, Balanchine 2010

Richmond Ballet - Richmond, Virginia

The Enchanted Toy Shop, Various 2015
Gargoyles, Philip Neal 2012

Richmond Ballet School - Richmond, Virginia

Raymonda, Frederic Franklin 2014

Romanian National Opera - Bucharest, Romania

Concerto DSCH, Alexei Ratmansky 2015

Royal Ballet at Covent Garden - London, England

Tzigane, George Balanchine 2008
There Where She Loved, Christopher Wheeldon 1997

San Francisco Ballet - San Francisco, Ca

Seven Sonatas, Alexei Ratmansky 2016
Grande Pas Classique, Victor Gsovsky 2014
Symphonic Caprice, Helgi Tommason 2014
Number Nine, Chistopher Wheeldon 2011
Carousel: A Dance, Christopher Wheeldon 2009
After the Rain - Pas de deux, Christopher Wheeldon 2008
Double Evil, Jorma Elo 2008
Naked, Stanton Welch 2008
Falling, Stanton Welch 2007
Tutu, Stanton Welch 2004
Polyphonia, Christopher Wheeldon 2003
Sea Pictures, Christopher Wheeldon 2000

Sarasota Ballet - Sarasota, FL.

There Where She Loved, Christopher Wheeldon 2010

School of American Ballet - New York, NY

Soirèe Musicale, Christopher Wheeldon 1998

Staatsballett Berlin - Berlin, Germany

Daphnis et Chloë, Benjamin Millipied 2017

Stanislavsky Music Theatre - Moscow, Russia

Slice to Sharp, Jorma Elo 2010

Suzanne Farrell Ballet - Washington, D.C.

Gounod, George Balanchine 2016
Walpurgisnacht, George Balanchine 2015
Agon, George Balanchine 2014
Danses Concertantes, George Balanchine 2012
Concerto Barocco, Balanchine 2011
Le Baiser de la Fee, Balanchine 2011
Sonatine, Balanchine 2011
Stars and Stripes: Grande Pas de Deux , Balanchine 2010
Sonate No. 5, Bejart 2010
In Memory Of..., Jerome Robbins 2010
Midsummer Night's Dream Act II divertisment, George Balanchine 2010
Haieff Divertimento, George Balanchine 2010
Diamonds pas de deux, George Balanchine 2008
Ragtime, Balanchine 2008
Ballade, George Balanchine 2007
Pas Classique Espagnol - Divertissements, George Balanchine 2007
Pithoprakta, George Balanchine 2007
Concierto de Mozart, Balanchine 2007
Divertimento Brilliante, George Balanchine 2007
Don Quixote, George Balanchine 2005
Clarinade, George Balanchine 2005
A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Excerpts), George Balanchine 2005
Ivesiana, George Balanchine 2003
La Sonnambula, Balanchine 2003
Agon-Pas de deux, George Balanchine 2003
The Unanswered Question from Ivesiana, George Balanchine 2003
Tempo di Valse from The Nutcracker, George Balanchine 2003
Mozartiana, George Balanchine 2003
Tzigane, George Balanchine 2002
Chaconne, George Balanchine 2002
Scotch Symphony, George Balanchine 2001
Duo Concertant, George Balanchine 2001
Apollo, George Balanchine 2001
Variations for Orchestra, George Balanchine 2001
Monumentum and Movements, George Balanchine 2001
Slaughter on Tenth Avenue, George Balanchine 2000
Romeo and Juliet, Maurice Bejart 1999
Meditations, George Balanchine 1999
Divertimento 15, George Balanchine 1999

Stuttgart Ballet - Stuttgart, Germany

Slice to Sharp, Jorma Elo 2008

Tulsa Ballet - Tulsa, OK

One/end/One, Jorma Elo 2013
Slice to Sharp, Jorma Elo 2011

Washington Ballet - Washington, D.C.

Seven Sonatas, Alexei Ratmansky 2017
Polyphonia, Christopher Wheeldon 2014
There Where She Loved, Christopher Wheeldon 2006
Morphoses, Christopher Wheeldon 2005

Metropolitan Opera - New York, New York
La Gioconda - Additional Costumes
Costume Designer
Peter McClintock (Director)
92nd Street Y - New York, New York
The Music Master
Costume Designer
Janet Booksban (Director)

American Stage Company - New York, NY

The Crystal Goblet  -- Costume Designer, James N. Vargias (Director) 2000

Circle in the Square - New York, NY

On Borrowed Time  -- Costume Designer, George C. Scott (Director) 1991
Getting Married  -- Costume Designer, Stephen Holder (Director) 1991

Circle Repertory Company - New York, NY

The Beach House, -- Assistant Costume Designer, Melvin Bernhardt (Director) 1985

Kennedy Center, The Performing Arts - Washington, D.C.

Barrio Grrrl! National Tour, -- Costume Designer, Peter Flynn (Director) 2011
Barrio Grrrl!, -- Costume Designer, Peter Flynn (Director) 2009
Trumpet of the Swan, -- Costume Designer, Gary Griffin (Director) 2008
Kite on the Wind - A Tale of Pakistan, -- Costume Designer, Deirdre Kelly Lavrakas (Director) 2008

Philadelphia Drama Guild - Philadelphia, PA

A Walk in the Woods, -- Costume Designer, Alex Dmitriev (Director) 1990

The Minskoff Theatre - New York, NY

Marilyn An American Fable, -- Assistant Costume Designer, Kenny Ortega (Director) 1983

The Music Box Theatre - New York, NY

Hay Fever, -- Assistant Costume Designer, Brian Murray  (Director) 1985

York Theater - New York, NY

How the Other Half Loves, -- Costume Designer, Alex Dmitriev  (Director) 1993
East Texas, -- Costume Designer, Alex Dmitriev  (Director) 1990
The Lark, -- Costume Designer, Janet Hayes Walker  (Director) 1989
Lost in the Stars, -- Costume Designer, Alex Dmitriev  (Director) 1988
Marry Me A Little, -- Costume Designer, Stephen Lloyd Helper  (Director) 1987
Home, -- Costume Designer, Alex Dmitriev  (Director) 1985
The Baker's Wife, -- Costume Designer, Stephen Schwartz  (Director) 1985
The Miser, -- Costume Designer, Janet Hayes Walker  (Director) 1984
A Midsummer Night's Dream, -- Costume Designer, Janet Hayes Walker  (Director) 1983
The Lady's Not for Burning, -- Costume Designer, Janet Hayes Walker  (Director) 1983

PBS Great Performances - New York, NY
Tennessee Williams,
Costume Designer
Merrill Brockway (Director)
New York City Ballet - New York, NY
Nutcracker the movie (additional costumes),
Costume Designer
Emile Ardolino (Director)
Industrial Film works - New York, NY
Who Needs Aetna?,
Costume Designer
Universal - New York, NY
Compromising Positions,
Assistant Costume Designer
based on the novel by Susan Isaacs. Frank Perry (Director)
Columbia Artists - New York, NY
The Manhattan Project,
Assistant Costume Designer
Marshall Brickman (Director)

Isabella Tobias and Deividas Stagnivnas
Waltz of the Flowers
Isabella Tobias and Deividas Stagnivnas
Ice Dancing couple for early Olympic competition
Michael Chernov/Gelsey Kirkland
Piama Uda - Dress for International Competition
Gillian Murphy
Black Swan - for Gillian Murphy
Momchil Mladenov
La Sylphide Male Principal - for Momchil Mladenov
Cynthia Hubbard
Mother of the Bride Dress for Cynthia Hubbard
Ashley (Bride)
Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Dress
Momchil Mladenov
Principal Male Costume for Gigs
Wendy Whelan
Nutcracker "Gig" Tutu
Jade Adams
Wedding Dress for Jade Adams
Christopher Radko
Nutcracker Christmas at the White House
Margaret Tracy
Wedding Dress - for Margaret Tracey
Milo Morrow
Oedipus Rex - Sketch for Milo Morrow
Gray Advertising
Revlon Flex Commercial Costume for Nicole Sheridan
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